Creative Jewelry Storage Solutions for Your Home

Your collection of jewelry is packed with shiny baubles and trinkets that have some meaning to you. From priceless family heirlooms to pieces that you bought only because they looked really cool, you want to make sure that they are all stored in adequate jewelry storage. This minimizes their exposure to elements that could break or tarnish them, thus extending the life of your jewelry.

If you haven’t got much space in your home, or you are looking for a fun way to safely display your jewelry, you might need to get a little creative. These four storage solutions are guaranteed to keep your treasured pieces look great, remain organized and avoid becoming tangled together.

Clever Jewelry Storage Ideas That You Can Use

Drawer + Dividers
Drawers make for excellent storage of pretty much anything, but especially smaller items that can easily become lost or damaged. However, leaving your items floating around in a drawer can cause them to become tangled – this can lead to damage or, at the very least, the annoyance of having to carefully pull them apart.

To avoid this hassle, invest in some dividers that can be used to separate your items. You can divide any available drawer into a convenient jewelry “box” in any number of ways. With this solution, you can create a completely customized system that fits all of your jewelry pieces perfectly.

Earring Stands

Earring stands, which display your earrings in a safe and aesthetic manner, can be purchased online or made at home with relative ease – and they’re quite inexpensive. Earrings are some of the hardest items to store because they are small and can become separated from their match. If you want to avoid only having half a pair of earrings, this is a wise investment.

To fashion your own earring stand, consider using a stylish picture frame. Add some chicken wire in a grid-like fashion and there you have it – a custom earring stand that looks good enough to have come out of a catalog.

Make Use of Your Vanity

Your vanity should store items that you will reach for the most often, which doesn’t have to take up a lot of space and cause clutter. Designate a side or corner of your vanity for this purpose, and design the layout based on what you’re storing. Consider a small stand for necklaces and bracelets, as well as a shallow tray or dish to store your most frequently-worn rings, brooches and earrings.

Use a Wall

Whether you want to have your jewelry stored out of sight or in plain view, wall storage is a great jewelry storage solution. You can place tags and hooks on the wall of any room or closet in any fashion that you choose. This prevents tangling, keeps everything in easy reach, and looks great!