Tips For Finding The Best Engagement Rings & Jewellers

Deciding that you want to marry that special someone in your life is a great first step, but it’s only the beginning of the work. The next steps involve searching for engagement rings & jewellers in your area. This can be an extremely difficult task if you are doing the work alone. Here are just a few tips you can use to find the best engagement rings & jewellers for that special someone. Check out for the best deals. Let’s start with a couple of tips for finding the best ring.

1. Learn The Diamond Terminology 

There are five important words that you will need to learn and fully understand before you begin shopping for engagement rings. The first four of those words are grouped together and often referred to as “The 4 C’s”. They are the diamond’s cut, carat, colour, and clarity.  Some would argue that those are the four most important qualities of any diamond. The next term that you need to understand is the diamond’s shape.
Starting with the 4 C’s, the cut is a grading scale that relates to the customer how well the diamond can unleash light. The scale typically covers a range from poor to excellent. Obviously, a diamond with an excellent rating is ideal, but even a diamond with a good rating would look impressive.
The carat weight is a fairly common term that most buyers are already familiar with. It relates to the apparent size of the diamond. The clarity of the diamond refers to a lack of blemishes. Finally, the colour is presented on a graded scale from D-to-Z and refers to its lack of a colour. A diamond that lacks colour is considered to be more valuable.
The fifth and final term that must be understood is the shape. This refers to the appearance of the stone when viewed from above. This may be a circle, an oval, a heart, or any other number of shapes. The shape is important to know if you are purchasing the band and the diamond separately.

2. Try To Spy 

Plenty of modern couples undertake the challenge of shopping for engagement rings & jewellers together, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the traditional approach and surprising your significant other. However, you need to keep in mind that keeping it a surprise is going to make it more difficult to find the right ring. But it’s not going to be impossible.
Reconnaissance is one of the best tools that you can use to ensure your surprise is the right one. There are a number of ways that you can go about spying on your partner to determine what kind of ring they would like the most. For starters, you can ask their best friends or closest family members. Just make sure they are people you can trust and who will keep your secret.
The next place to look is her existing jewellery collection. Is most of her jewellery made from platinum, gold, or white gold? Does she favour sapphires, rubies, diamonds, or emeralds? Does her collection have a more vintage appearance or does it feature more modern designs? These are all important factors that you can use to determine her preference in jewellery. You then use that information to help you choose the right piece.
Choosing the right engagement ring is no easy task, but it can be made easier if you work with a professional jeweller.

Tips for choosing the best jeweller in your area 

1. Use Social Media To Your Advantage 

Finding a jeweller today has actually become much easier than it was in the past thanks to the advent of social media. You no longer have to take a gamble with the person you choose to help with one of your most important decisions. Instead, you can turn to social media for recommendations, reviews, and general research.
Begin by making a post seeking recommendations. You might get a lot of recommendations depending on your number of friends and followers. From there, it’s time to begin searching through online reviews. There should be plenty of these on the jeweller’s social media page, but don’t forget to check other sources as well.
While you’re on their page, take a look at their followers and the posts on their wall. If they have thousands of followers online, then it’s a good sign that they are a quality jeweller. You can also check their wall for comments from previous customers who may not have left a review. Social media is a great place to read honest opinions from customers; whether good or bad.

2. Look For Certifications And Associations 

Being a part of a respected association is always a good sign. It means that the business works according to a strict set of standards. It also means that they are periodically reviewed to ensure that they continue to maintain these standards. There are several great associations to look for in Ireland and the UK. They include the National Association of Jewellers, the British Jewellers’ Association, Diamond Council of America, Goldsmiths’ Company, and the Society of Jewellery Historians.
Any jeweller with a business that is a part of these associations will most likely display it proudly on their website. It’s their way of letting the world know that they are serious about their business and about jewellery.
Other certifications to look for are specific to the employees. You’ll certainly be dealing with more than just one worker. You want to know that the employees you are dealing with are educated and trained for their specific roles. There is a huge difference between working with your average diamond salesman and an employee who is a certified gemologist. Ask about the training, education, and certifications of employees before taking their advice. And don’t be afraid to leave the jewellery store and find a more qualified option.

Pop The Question 

Once you’ve shopped through the engagement rings & jewellers and found the right one, it’s time to pop the big question. Now you can do so knowing that your future wife is going to love the ring that you’ve chosen.