How To Obtain Bespoke Diamonds In Ireland

If you are looking for quality diamonds in Ireland, there are many locations throughout the country where these can be obtained. You may be looking for an engagement ring for the person that you love. It’s also possible that you need to get a pendant, or a necklace, with beautiful diamonds that you want to give as a gift. Regardless of the reason that you want them, you need to obtain them from a legitimate company that is offering you only the best. Even if they have different grades of diamonds, they will be honest and tell you about their flaws, and also which ones are the best. Bespoke Diamonds in Ireland is one of the best sources for authentic jewellery. Here is an overview of this company that many people recommend for getting the absolute best diamonds in Ireland.

What Type Of Diamonds Are You Looking For? 

There are many different types of diamonds that you can get. They can be shaped in different ways. There are those that are round, square, rectangular, as well as ones that are pear-shaped or even oval. Heart shaped diamonds are very popular, and they are designed in this manner with many different diamond grades. Diamonds are graded using what are called the four C’s and based upon this rating, you could actually save a substantial amount of money by getting diamonds that have noticeable flaws that will lead to a substantial discount.


What Are The Four C’s Of Diamonds? 

When you are rating diamonds, you are going to compare them to what is called a grading chart. These four C’s include clarity, colour, the cut, and the carat. The clarity of a diamond is just as it would seem. It is how clear the diamond is. Diamonds that have a misty of parents are not going to be as valuable as those that are perfectly clear. The colour of the diamond is similar to clarity and that those that are perfectly clear are called colourless. There is a large range, graded from D to Z. The cut of the diamond has to do with how many times it has been cut on the outside. Those with substantial cuts are going to be more brilliant in most cases. Finally, the one thing that many people are concerned about is the size of the diamond. This refers to the carat rating. The larger the carat score, the larger the diamond will be, and this influences the price dramatically.

Why You Should Consider Working With Bespoke Diamonds In Ireland 

This is one of the most prominent distributors of diamonds in Ireland. They are well-known for providing excellent prices and substantial quality. They will have fully trained jewellers, individuals that are well-versed in rating diamonds. The grading that they give all of their diamonds will be exact, and this will allow you to feel confident when they are selling them, despite the fact that they offer most of their diamonds at discount prices. For example, if you can get a diamond that has a couple of internal flaws, and is not perfectly clear, you can save on half of the cost of the diamond that is similar. This is what most people do when they are trying to get a larger diamond, a full carat or more, yet they do not want to pay top dollar for it. When you are working with these professionals, they will understand what you want to do. They will recommend the diamonds that they have in stock. Once you are done working with them, you will feel satisfied that you are receiving an authentic diamond, that is properly graded, at a price you can afford.


Customer Care From Bespoke Diamonds 

Another reason that people enjoy working with bespoke diamonds in Ireland is that they are always devoted to their customers. They have an excellent policy by which they will offer free cleanings for life. They also offer free independent insurance valuation and comprehensive after-sales services. If you would like to have any adjustments, this can be done at their Dublin workshop. They are more than happy to accommodate your request. All of their diamonds are certificated, as well as approved, by the international gemological laboratories. This is how you will know that you are getting something authentic because there is also third-party verification of their authenticity. The combination of phenomenal customer care, combined with third-party ratings, will clearly show anyone that Bespoke Diamonds is a company that you should contact if you need this type of jewellery.


What Type Of Jewellery Do They Have In Stock 

At any given time, they will have a vast assortment of engagement rings. They also have gemstone rings if that is what you would like to purchase. They understand that it is very important to present your loved one with a fantastic engagement ring, as well as a wedding ring, and they will also allow you to design your own ring if you want. This is a benefit that many people find to be the most appealing about this company. They understand that you would like to present something to your loved one that is very special. Not only will the diamond be exceptional, but the way it is designed will speak volumes about how much you care for them. The experts at Bespoke Diamonds will be able to listen to your request and create exactly what it is that you are looking for. Once they are done, they will also make subtle adjustments to make sure it is exactly as you envision it in your mind.

If you have not found a jeweller that can help you obtain a diamond yet, Bespoke Diamonds in Ireland is the place to go. If you are in Dublin, you can stop by their main store where you can speak to a representative that can help you. If you would like to email them, they will typically respond to all questions and requests within 24 hours. If you call them during normal business hours, they will be more than happy to speak with you, helping you with any questions you may have. If you are going to get married, or if you are looking for a special gift, nothing speaks more volumes than a diamond. They will clearly see that you love them, and only want them to have the best, and you can do this by obtaining quality diamonds from Bespoke Diamonds.